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time table for draft charter with scope

From: Paul Groth <pgroth@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 14:52:09 +0100
Message-ID: <4CF3B009.6090200@gmail.com>
To: "public-xg-prov@w3.org" <public-xg-prov@w3.org>
Hi All,

We now put up a page with what we have for a Draft Charter at 

This contains the Scope and Provenance Concepts that we already agreed 
upon. Two additional things:

- A very brief background section
- A timetable

The timetable is really what's new. Can you please have a look? We have 
tried to fit things in 18 months. Also, we reduced the number of 
Recommendations to the Conceptual Model and Formal Model.  The rest of 
the deliverables were Notes.

Any comments are appreciated.

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