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[Web Standards Project] Re: Executive Summary + Conclusion added to whitepaper

From: Glenda Sims <notifications@webstandardsproject.grouphub.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 04:32:14 +0000
To: J Public <public-xg-owea@w3.org>
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Company: OWEA
Project: Open Web Education Alliance
Link: https://webstandardsproject.grouphub.com/C45109735

Glenda Sims commented on a message:

     * Specific date for draft of White Paper (to go to W3C
       Management) - 9/15/2009
     * Date of W3C Management Retreat - 9/25/2009
     * W3C Management (W3CM) is listed at
     * Decision time frame unknown considering W3CM hasn't even
       decided to put this on their retreat agenda yet. The point
       of getting them an early draft of the White Paper is to
       encourage W3CM to add OWEA as a topic on their retreat

   We can discuss the pros/cons of using a generic curriculum
   framework in the white paper on our call on Thursday.

   Please remember that the OWEA white paper is a draft and that we
   can continue to make changes and refine it even after giving it
   to W3CM.


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