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RE: [MMSEM-Vocabulary] Request for contribution (audio vocabularies)

From: Hausenblas, Michael <michael.hausenblas@joanneum.at>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 17:36:37 +0100
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To: "Oscar Celma" <ocelma@iua.upf.edu>
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Thanks a lot for this really _valuable_ input. I'll put that into our wiki ASAP.
When you have your account, would you mind looking over it and peradventure correct it?

Cheers & hear you soon,

 Michael Hausenblas, MSc.
 Institute of Information Systems & Information Management
 JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

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>Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2006 6:22 PM
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>Subject: Re: [MMSEM-Vocabulary] Request for contribution 
>(audio vocabularies)
>Dear Micheal,
>Here's a long mail (I do not have a wiki account yet, so please 
>copy/paste to the wiki whatever you think is useful...)
>Hausenblas, Michael wrote:
>> RaphaŽl, Oscar, All,
>> 4. W.r.t. the audio MM standards IMHO a bit of expertise from Oscar 
>> would be of great help ... :)
> > RaphaŽl said:
> > "Furthermore, are "All Music Guide (AMG)", "MusicBrainz Metadata 
>Initiative 2.1" and "Compact Disc Database (CDDB)" really 
>vocabularies ?"
>I would say neither AMG (although they have some interesting 
>with regard to genre/styles) nor CDDB are really vocabularies.
>In my opinion ID3 specification is not clear enough (and very 
>wide), the 
>more concrete thing they propose is a list of genres.
>On the other hand, MusicBrainz it is a vocabulary!
>Moreover, some of these vocabularies should be taken into account, too 
>(I've tried to add the categorization proposed whenever it was 
>* Musicbrainz Schema
>MusicBrainz defined an RDFS definition [1] (you can see the 
>HTML output 
>at [2]). Instances in RDF are available via their query language (see 
>some results at [3]). An example of their MQ query is:
><mq:artistName>Pink Floyd</mq:artistName>
><mq:albumName>Dark Side of the Moon</mq:albumName>
>-- Musicbrainz Discriminator/Category:
>Representation RDF (R) / RDFS
>Content Type audio (A)
>Workflow production
>Domain generic
>Industry music
>[1] http://www.ldodds.com/projects/musicbrainz/schema/index.rdf
>[2] http://www.ldodds.com/projects/musicbrainz/schema/mb.html
>[3] http://musicbrainz.org/MM/mq_examples.html
>* In [4], there are lots of resources about Music Notation and 
>XML. From 
>the list available in [4], I would like to mention:
>+ MusicXML [5], by Michael Good (Recordare).
>"Recordare has developed MusicXML technology to create an 
>Internet-friendly method of publishing musical scores, enabling 
>musicians and music fans to get more out of their online music."
>The DTD specification is available at [6].
>-- MusicXML Discriminator/Category:
>Representation XML (X) / DTDs
>Content Type audio (A)
>Workflow production
>Domain generic
>Industry music
>+ MPEG Ad Hoc Group on Symbolic Music Representation, lead by 
>Paolo Nesi 
>(see [7]) are working on the standarization process of music notation. 
>Don't know the current status, though.
>-- MPEG Ad Hoc Group Discriminator/Category:
>Representation XML (X) / DTDs?
>Content Type audio (A)
>Workflow production
>Domain generic
>Industry music
>+ XMF
>The Extensible Music Format (XMF) [8] is a family of 
>music-related file 
>formats created and administered by the MIDI Manufacturer's 
>It is based on MIDI files.
>Their goal is (quoted from the website):
>"Create an open standard file format for gathering together into a 
>single file all media assets (and/or links to external media assets) 
>required to render a MIDI note-based piece (or suite of 
>related pieces) 
>in a computer-based player (or possibly an instrument) with consistent 
>audio playback across all players and platforms, and suited for 
>interactivity, content protection, meta-data, and the Internet - and 
>keep it simple."
>[4] http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/xmlMusic.html
>[5] http://www.recordare.com/xml.html
>[6] http://www.recordare.com/dtds/index.html
>[7] http://www.interactivemusicnetwork.org/mpeg-ahg/index.html
>[8] http://www.midi.org/about-midi/xmf/
>* Then there are other small projects/proposals such as:
>+ The Kanzaki music ontlogy [9]
>Quoted from the website:
>"A vocabulary to describe classical music and performances. Classes 
>(categories) for musical work, event, instrument and 
>performers, as well 
>as related properties are defined. Make sure to distinguish musical 
>works (e.g. Opera) from performance/event (Opera_Performance), 
>or works 
>(String_Quartette) from performer (StringQuartetEnsemble in 
>this vocab), 
>whose natural language terms are used interchangeblly. The present 
>version experiments more precise model to describe a musical work, its 
>representations (performances, scores, etc) and a musical event to 
>present a representation (a concert). Includes 30 keys as individuals."
>-- Kanzaki Music Performance ontology Group Discriminator/Category:
>Representation OWL DL
>Content Type audio (A)
>Workflow premeditation? / production?
>Domain generic
>Industry music
>[9] http://www.kanzaki.com/ns/music
>+ Last but not least, there is the music ontology [10] used by Foafing 
>the Music project [11]. It includes some descriptors automatically 
>extracted from the audio (e.g. Key and mode, beats per minute, meter, 
>intensity, etc.)
>-- Foafing the music ontology Group Discriminator/Category:
>Representation OWL DL
>Content Type audio (A)
>Workflow premeditation
>Domain generic
>Industry music
>[10] http://foafing-the-music.iua.upf.edu/ISWC2006
>[11] http://foafing-the-music.iua.upf.edu/
>That's all for now!
>Oscar Celma
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