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Re: draft-pfeiffer-temporal-fragments

From: RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 13:30:32 +0200
Message-ID: <44BCC658.F6B80BAD@cwi.nl>
To: Misha Wolf <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
CC: public-xg-mmsem@w3.org

Dear Misha,

> You pointed us at draft-pfeiffer-temporal-fragments.  This seems to
> be dormant.  Do you (or anyone else here) have any idea whether it
> is still being worked on?

I have tried to investigate a little bit more ...
So the latest version I have found about the Temporal URI specification is available at:
    http://www.annodex.net/TR/URI_fragments.html , ID = version 03, but they announce a version 04.
The document has been modified on May 6th, 2006.

I have also the impression that the processus is either very slow, or dormant :-(
I would suggest you to contact directly S. Pfeiffer to know the status of this document, and particularly if it will be standardized by IETF somedays ...
If you do, could you please inform the list about the results of your own investigations ?
Best regards.


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