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Re: [MMSEM] request for information about f2f

From: RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 21:05:01 +0100
Message-ID: <45732DED.2B0D0892@cwi.nl>
To: Suzanne Little <Suzanne.Little@isti.cnr.it>
CC: public-xg-mmsem@w3.org

Dear Suzanne,

Given that you will arrive on Friday night, you will miss the Friday
afternoon dedicated to the use cases.
Therefore, you will present the Algorithm Use Case (ISTI) on Saturday.
Regarding your otehr questions:

> How will people be travelling to NTUA on
> Saturday? Does it make sense for me to meet people at the SAMT
> conference hotel on Saturday morning - i.e. is the conference hotel easy
> to get to? Or should I meet at NTUA?

In any case, I recommend you to go to the NTUA campus in taxi (it is rather
It makes sense to meet in the lobby of the SAMT hotel (The Divani Palace
Acropolis) if you are close to this hotel. We can then share a taxi to go to
the NTUA campus. Tell me if this solution is convenient for you once you
will be sure in which hotel you will be. I'm staying in this hotel from

> Also do I need to prepare any formal presentation (slides etc.)
> regarding ISTI's use case?

Yes, it is scheduled that we all discuss each use case during 30 minutes.
Therefore, it is expected that each main author of each use case prepare
slides for presenting the use case, focusing the presentation on:
    . (1) interoperability problem,
    . (2) solution,
    . (3) a concrete example to show both.

Best regards.


RaphaŽl Troncy
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