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Minutes from the MashSSL XG kickoff call - 3 Dec 2009

From: Bajaj, Siddharth <SBajaj@verisign.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:21:19 -0800
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Cc: "Bajaj, Siddharth" <SBajaj@verisign.com>
Ravi Ganesan
Ben Wilson
George Percival
Thomas Hardjono
Jeff Shan
Raj Singh
Siddharth Bajaj
- Introductions - we went around and had a round of introductions
- We agreed to a biweekly call for the XG in addition to using the
mailing list. 
Day/Time TBD.
- Siddharth walked everybody through the charter. There were a couple of
minor clarifications, but no major issues were raised. 
- Ravi Ganesan provided an overview of MashSSL
     + Introduced the problem and need for such a technology
     + a very high level overview of the existing draft.
- Not all folks in the XG are well versed with the SSL handshake, we
agreed to do a 30 minute overview of the basic TLS handshake in the next
- The group also felt that it would be beneficial to discuss the use
cases that we are attempting to address with MashSSL. 
    + Ravi will introduce the basic use cases at the next call
    + George/Raj may have a use case that this could be applicable to. 
- Next conference call will be Dec 17th, 1pm PT/4pm ET, Main agenda
items will be 
     + TLS handshake 101
     + Use cases
Please let me know if there are any additions/modifications to the
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