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Welcome to MAMI-XG! (First F2F meeting announcement)

From: Nobuhisa Shiraishi <n-shiraishi@bq.jp.nec.com>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 22:02:01 +0900
To: public-xg-mami@w3.org
Cc: member-xg-mami@w3.org
Message-Id: <20110107215448.6F4F.C4E44556@bq.jp.nec.com>
Dear MAMI-XG members,

Welcome to MAMI-XG!

We had New Year vacation right after we launched MAMI-XG.
I would like to initiate our discussions in MAMI-XG.

1. Starting points of our discussion
I would like to start our discussion from following issues:

(1) Criteria of use case classifications
We will survey use cases to study the requirements for MAMI. For
thoroughly survey of use cases, we will proceed both listing up use
cases and discussing criteria of use case classifications in parallel.

We have already listed up several use cases such as physical security
services, environmental load reduction services and intelligent
accessibility services in the Charter. We will map them into several
classifications and list up further use cases.

(2) Strategy for the promotion of MAMI
The goal of our study is to standardize the MAMI specifications and
promote them so that they will be used widely in various systems and
services. Toward this goal, we will draw up the promotion strategy of

As the steps for drawing up the strategy, at first, we will try to
position various companies or universities in several segments (service
providers, platform providers, application developers, analysis engine
developers, etc). Next, we will analyze the merits which MAMI will
provide them and the contributions for MAMI which we expect them.

Any comments or proposals for additional issues are welcome.

2. Discussion method in MAMI-XG
As described in the Charter, we will mainly advance our discussion on
the mailing list. At the same time, we will hold F2F meeting bi-monthly
or monthly.

I'm going to hold our first F2F meeting on following schedule:
Date: 19 January 2011
Time: 15:00-16:00 JST (GMT+9)
Place: NEC Tamagawa Plant N311 meeting room

The members of MAMI-XG and observers are welcome to attend this F2F meeting.
Please let me know your participation in this meeting.

Unfortunately, we will have no IRC connection nor phone-in for this meeting.
We will publish the minutes of this meeting on this mailing list soon.
Any comments or opinions from who absents F2F meetings are welcome.
Let's keep discussing on this mailing list!

Thanks again for joining MAMI-XG.
I'm looking forward to some productive discussion in our XG.

Nobuhisa Shiraishi,

Nobuhisa Shiraishi <7M3RLA/1>
Information and Media Processing Laboratories, NEC Corporation.
E-mail:n-shiraishi@bq.jp.nec.com Tel:+81-44-431-7672 Fax:+81-44-431-7588
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