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Re: Copy edits on "Scope"

From: Tom Baker <tbaker@tbaker.de>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 18:38:51 -0400
To: Karen Coyle <kcoyle@kcoyle.net>
Cc: public-xg-lld@w3.org
Message-ID: <20110901223851.GB34981@julius>
On Thu, Sep 01, 2011 at 02:38:14PM -0700, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Closing quotes generally come after punctuation, not with
> punctuation dangling after it, thus your second example is the
> correct one. There are some exceptions in the Chi Manual of Style,
> but quite honestly I find them to be obscure and they only pertain
> to periods, not commas. The easiest thing will be to always do
> "punctuation within quotes." ;-)

My impression, based entirely on casual observation, was that punctuation has
traditionally came before closing quotes, as you say, but that online -- in
email messages -- the style evolved towards doing the opposite.

I'm happy to stick to punctuation before closing quotes, will note this
in ConversionStyle and will fix these as I find them.

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