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Issues and recommendations for Thursday

From: Karen Coyle <kcoyle@kcoyle.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 13:13:20 -0700
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We (TomB, Jodi, Gordon, PeterM and I) our work on Issues and  
Recommendations to be discussed on the call tomorrow. The relevant  
pages are:

Issues: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/lld/wiki/Draft_issues_page

There is a lot of detail so we thought that for this first discussion  
we would mainly go over the higher level outlines.

The outline of the Issues page is:

1.1 Management issues
    1.1.1 Library ecosystem is designed for stability and resists change
    1.1.2 Linked Data technology is evolving, whereas libraries seek stability
    1.1.3 The library standards process is traditionally top-down and non-agile
    1.1.4 Cost of current library practices is unknown; ROI is  
difficult to calculate
    1.1.5 Data may have rights issues that prevent open publication
1.2 Extending library standards for collaboration on the Web
    1.2.1 Library data is expressed in library-specific formats that  
cannot be easily shared outside the library community
1.3 Library standards
    1.3.1 Best practices for Linked Data technology need further  
development and wider dissemination
    1.3.2 Translation of legacy standards

And for the recommendations:

1.1 Management-level actions
    1.1.1 Identify costs of current practices, and costs and ROI to  
moving of LLD
   1.1.2 Plan for migration to LLD, both technical, managerial, and  
   1.1.3 Cultivate a research and development environment
   1.1.4 Create educational opportunities
   1.1.5 Include metadata design in library and information science education
   1.1.6 Foster a discussion about open data and rights
   1.1.7 Libraries should help preserve Linked Data vocabularies
1.2 Collaborating to extend Semantic Web standards
   1.2.1 Help the Semantic Web community standardize the notion of a  
"named graph"
   1.2.2 Help the Semantic Web community define a general notion of  
"application profile"
   1.2.3 Identify areas where existing library community standards and  
Semantic Web standards require extension or development to support LLD
   1.2.4 Identify tools that are needed to support the creation and use of LLD
   1.2.5 Identify vocabularies that are needed to support the creation  
and use of LLD
1.3 Library standards in a broader Web framework
   1.3.1 Create URIs for library resources in good time
   1.3.2 Develop policies for namespaces
   1.3.3 Declare namespaces and URIs in metadata registries
   1.3.4 Encourage interoperability between library data and data from  
other sources
   1.3.5 Analysis for the transformation of current library data to LLD

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