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[agenda] telecon 4/7/2011

From: Michael Bodell <mbodell@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 00:30:50 +0000
To: "public-xg-htmlspeech@w3.org" <public-xg-htmlspeech@w3.org>
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We will be having a telecon this week.  The meeting will cover some logistical information and then some open ended discussion of the proposals and email threads that have been sent as well as some updates from other related works (I.e., ietf and w3c real-time communication and other related tracks) that may influence the discussion.  The main purpose of the discussion isn't to solve the issues this week (although if that happens, great!), but more to try and figure out the scope and space of issues to structure future teleconferences and other pre-work for the F2F.  There may be some issues we can solve on the call, some we can categorize and move to future calls or the F2F, some we may dismiss, and others may spawn a new set of issues to consider.


1.      F2F Logistics:  Any updates on attendance, hotel bookings, and questions or details from Bjorn.

2.      Open questions on the proposals and discussions.  Exact details to be worked out on the call (if people know there are topics they want to discuss, feel free to send email to the list before the meeting too), but possible topics include:

a.       Questions and clarifications of any of the existing proposals.

b.      More details of streaming protocols (XHR versus MRCP versus RTC versus others)

c.       Marc and Milan's ideas around a set of macros over protocols.

d.      Milan's expansion of Olli's idea to build a standard speech web service such as a version of MRCP over HTTP

e.       Single API or API continuum versus multiple distinct V1 and V2 API

f.       <device> versus Capture API versus some other version of one of these APIs or a different way to capture audio (and, optionally, video)

g.      More discussion of "Open" versus "Closed" recognition proposals and what is a satisfactory solution to all (both with respect to needed functionality as well as realistic timelines)

==Telecon info ==

Date:  Thursday, 7 April 2011
Time:  Noon (New York), 1700 (Central Europe), 0100 (Tokyo)
Duration:  90 minutes

US telephone number:  +1.617.761.6200
France telephone number:  +
UK telephone number:  +44.203.318.0479

Conference code:  48657# (HTMLS#)

Info on using Zakim:  http://www.w3.org/2002/01/UsingZakim
Irc channel:  #htmlspeech

= Recent minute-takers =
17 March: Dan Burnett
17 February: Bjorn Bringert
16 December: Robert Brown
9 December: Dan Druta
2 December: Raj Tumuluri
18 November: Milan Young, Dan Burnett
11 November: Debbie Dahl
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