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Product Announcement: GeoRSS publishing - new in Live Maps

From: Steve Lombardi <stevelom@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 19:09:53 -0700
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Many thanks to those on this list that have assisted with this feature! We launched a new version of Live Maps today with GeoRSS publishing as a top feature. When viewing another users public Collection, there is a 'classic' RSS button (I saw the proposed GeoRSS Icon a little too late for this release! We'll update next time) to pluck a GeoRSS feed for the collection. Points, lines and Polys are supported. As an example, here is my collection of bike trails around Seattle:


And here is its GeoRSS feed:


For more info, here is my blog post about the new features in today's update

our Map Control for developers still supports loading layers of GeoRSS of course. Later this month we will release our V5 Update to the map control with support for eventing on these layers and a bunch more stuff. Its actually out right now if anyone wants to have at it, but we are shipping the docs and SDK later this month

Thanks again, this list was instrumental in getting this feature in good shape.


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Mike Liebhold wrote:

> I'm wondering what it will take to influence the full W3C membership to
> put it's full weight behind  GeoRSS interoperability so that Yahoo and
> Microsoft and Google don't lead users off into separately geocoded
> universes.

one step would be to have these two actively participate here. they seem
to lurk only. i don't have much hope [1] but i will ping someone i know
on the flickr team.

[1] http://lists.eogeo.org/pipermail/georss/2006-April/000461.html
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