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Re: [georss] GeoRSS meeting review

From: Mike Liebhold <mnl@well.com>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 12:15:28 -0700
Message-ID: <46115650.2030906@well.com>
To: georss@lists.eogeo.org
CC: GeoXG GeoXG <public-xg-geo@w3.org>
Sounds like a good meeting, I'm glad there's energy here to keep the 
GeoRSS interoperability process moving forward.

There's still a -huge- open issue:

   "make[ing] the wording on W3C deprecation stronger"  is not 
sufficient to persuade  Yahoo and flickr to move millions of users to 
GeoRSS-simple.   Without enormous support from W3C forked W3C GeoRSS 
/GeoRSS-simple is fait accompli, permanent.

While the GeoRSS group is working on issues like multipoint and time 
representation and GeoRSS GML/KML forks, I recall the defining focus of 
the W3C GeoXG was to settle W3C adoption on GeoRSS-simple, but the  
GeoXG group has so far instead focused on other interesting, but less 
vital topics like GeoSWRL.

I'm wondering what it will take to influence the full W3C membership to 
put it's full weight behind  GeoRSS interoperability so that Yahoo and 
Microsoft and Google don't lead users off into separately geocoded 

- Mike

Mikel Maron wrote:

>Great Stuff
>One minor thing I'd like to suggest is that the process encourage consensus building.
>With luck, the final vote would simply be a formality for something we've agreed on
>through working through the draft on site. I'm not so idealistic that I think it won't
>ever come down to a vote .. but it can't hurt to encourage that :)
>On the new site, it looks great. Some suggestions..
>* There are links for comments on Specification pages. I fully support feedback and questions,
>but perhaps discussion on this is better left for another page, as people will be looking here
>for unambiguous information on the format.
>* Links to Trac. Good to still have trac there for things, GeoPress .. but much of the content on the trac
>wiki could move into drupal.
>* Preserve Urls. Lots of links out there to the current html pages .. can drupal handle the rewrite
>or in apache.
>And sorry to weigh down the list with this when it could easily go into drupal or trac (suggestion where?) :)
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>From: Andrew Turner <ajturner@highearthorbit.com>
>To: georss@lists.eogeo.org
>Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 11:15:20 PM
>Subject: [georss] GeoRSS meeting review
>I don't think anyone else sent out a review of the meeting. Allan was
>keeping notes in the IRC channel as the meeting progressed.
>Here is a quick summary of what was agreed upon:
>1) Update the documentation on the website ASAP to fix any
>discrepancies, and make the wording on W3C deprecation stronger
>2) Keep Simple how it is (with errata fixes)
>3) Begin to grow GML in future versions. Nominally the roadmap is:
>v1.1 - for Where2.0 (May 29)
> - Add georss:when support
> - Add GML Multipoint and other multi geometry
>v1.2 - for FOSS4G2007 (Sept 24)
> - Add geo narrative support
>For the future, the progression of modifications and extensions will be:
>1. Propose modification/extension on the mailing list for initial
>2. Proposer drafts a proposal summarizing feature, intended use,
>implications to standard, actual examples of use to the website
>3. GeoRSS community comments and votes on the proposal (on the site)
>4. After a short period, if the proposal passes by a simple majority
>it will be brought into the next version, if it "fails", it will
>remain a proposal and provide a recorded document as to what the
>proposer perhaps still used in their own implementation. If at some
>point in the future this extension, or a variant of the
>extension/modification is accepted into a GeoRSS version, then this
>proposal will get an addendum that describes to users of this proposal
>how to migrate this format to the official format.
>To these ends, we've migrated the original static HTML site to a
>Drupal CMS that will allow anyone to create an account and post/edit
>content.  In addition, Polls can be added for proposals, and comments
>made on pages.
>Currently the site is here until we finish the migration and people
>agree that this is the way to go and that everything looks good to
>actually flip the site to the live one.
>  http://georss.org/drupal/
>Let us know what you think of the decisions made above and the new site. :)
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