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Introduction: elf Pavlik =)

From: elf Pavlik <perpetual-tripper@wwelves.org>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 20:31:40 +0200
To: public-xg-federatedsocialweb <public-xg-federatedsocialweb@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1303404502-sup-1176@elfbook>
Hello Dear Friends,

I would like to write few sentences about myself, my aims, and my interest to work with You all in this group. First I would like to share with You, that I don't really like talking with fellow human beings using dry and official tone. I prefer much more, to speak in a warm and personal way, as I want to see everyone as my beloved brothers and sisters.

I have taken my first breath in this lifetime almost 29 years ago, and I've worked with IT in general for around last 13 years. I have shifted my focus toward web technologies about 5 years ago. For little over 3 years now, I dedicate most of my attention to one very particular potential use of recent technologies. I want to take advantage of relatively new in our history communication technologies, to help our worldwide human community with self organization.

In my opinion, many of us around the globe use very ancient ways of organizing our community life. Two of them, which I will call 'monetary system' and 'political structures', I consider very primitive and extremely below what I see as our current potential. So I work on helping to put in use our latest technologies, like now emerging Federated Social Networking and P2P, that we can create diversity of new systems to organize our community life.

Personally I have already definitely stopped using money, or more precisely participating in cultivating passing/conducting this fictional pseudo-resource, 2 years ago. Also about 2 years ago I have put my state IDs into appropriate recycling bins, and decided not to participate in cultivating worldview based on countries and nations. It works quite well already as long as other people interact with me like with fellow human being. If someone tries to look at me as citizen number XXXXXX, potential customer or employee... please try to imagine it yourself ;)

Moving to more practical topics of how I see my participation in our FSW working group. I find it crucial, that developers of various social networking platforms coordinate efforts in making all the platforms interoperable. I see projects having interesting accomplishments in distribution within their specific platform, but as long as we don't have it among diversity of platforms in all popular programming languages, I see it just as minor achievements. I would like to help with supporting communication between existing and newly emerging open source networking platforms.

To take it further I would like to help with creating working environments, where developers of various platforms can sit in the same physical rooms and together work on implementing federation capacities for platforms they work on. Here I plan to leverage support of communities which use those platforms for networking activities. Of course I only want to focus on organizing a MONEYLESS support =)

To put it simple: I would like to take direction of helping ENTHUSIASTIC open source developers (like me!), who TRULY CARE about various COMMUNITIES to BENEFIT from availability of software we work on, to have MONEYLESS support from those communities so that we can focus on our exciting and commonly beneficial work. And following 'eat your own dog food' saying, I look forward to use software we develop to organize such moneyless support!

Recently I have released an early version of website, where I started listing already existing networks where participants I believe may like to support such approach. You can find it at: http://moneyless-world.info (still a buggy alpha pre-release ;) Soon I want to compose much longer list of various networking communities, whose participants I believe will feel very excited about such clear - moneyless - relation with enthusiastic developers.

I hope I didn't express myself in a confusing way in this letter. I look forward to work together on helping this world to become a better place, where everyone and we all together can find true happiness <3

Warm hugs
elf Pavlik

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