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Comments on minutes from todays meeting

From: Nathan <nathan@webr3.org>
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2011 01:29:11 +0100
Message-ID: <4D9FA857.5070107@webr3.org>
To: Federated Social Web XG <public-xg-federatedsocialweb@w3.org>
Hi All,

Sorry I missed the meeting today - small incident with a gas cooker 
being left on took up most of my day - here are some general comments on 
the meeting notes from today [1]; apologies in advance if this is all 
noise or well known stuff!:

   claudio: portability
   ... transitivity or relation between networks
   ... might be further explained
   ... e.g. bob is on server 1 and has friends on server 2, 3, etc.
   ... transitivity of friendship accross servers ?

Separate the concerns, so that each person has there own identifier, 
profile, and manages there own friend relations, then let servers 1,2,3 
read that/those profiles to get the information they need to provide th 
services they offer. (FOAF, Linked Data and WebID covers most of that, 
but some management tools would be cool).

   the UC sounds similar to export->import with FOAF


   evanpro: lots of interesting questions
   ... what happen to resources that were on the previous server
   ... are they redirected ?
   ... are they 410 ?

redirect (301 Moved Permanently) would be most useful if possible :)

   I think SMOB is SWAT-0 compliant as well

awesome! (I do like smob)

   scribe: diaspora is compliant
   scribe: but have their own protocol

Can they pass the test then? are they interoperable if they use a 
protocol others don't use (as in surely part of the test is that anybody 
on X-is-SWAT-0-compliant should be able to do SWAT-0 between any/all 
compliant servers??)

   harry: how to friend ppl without searching for them

and hot to be notified when friended! (SWAT-anti-stalker?)

   evanpro: bi-directional friendship, groups, etc.

"friendship" seems v strong, presume it's just a general term for that 
whole follow/friend/know thing we do online, and not explicitly "is my 

general group lists can be done pretty easily w/ linked data, 
http://rdfs.org/sioc/spec/ models a lot of this (member_of etc)

   claudio: like to see more p2p discussion here

definitely, likewise, particularly interested in how rdf/webid aware 
personal (and auth*d) datawikis like data.fm can be tied in with the 
social server side of things - (if I'm going to have my own space and 
server, i want it web mounted so I can access it from anywhere, and so 
it uses the universal interface (http) and so that implementation 
details are hidden as much as possible).

   <harry> We thought Eben Moglen

:) +1

   <harry> coming to a close, but WebID folks will be there claudio!

Sadly I won't be able to make it :( international F2F's don't work too 
well when you just work at home yourself and commit majority of time to 
community efforts.

On that note, any tele-presence? any videos being planned so we can 
watch later / share?

Looked like another good meeting, sorry I missed it!

[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/04/08-federated-minutes.html


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