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RE: [EMOXG] Agenda for phone meeting 28 February 2008

From: Jianhua TAO <jhtao@nlpr.ia.ac.cn>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 00:04:32 +0800
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I was always on the line and can hear you clearly when you asked me the
schedule. I don't know why you cannot hear me. 

I more prefer the phone meeting at night (beijing time), since the network
connetion in my office is always not very stable. I cannot use skype there.

Best regards,

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Hi all,

thanks to Idoia for kindly reminding me to send an agenda and instructions
for how to connect to Thursday's phone meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 28 February, 15:00 UTC -- see

  for local times.

Access codes are as usual, see



1. Review of the ranked requirements

Ian had sent a ranked list -- people should comment about it before we
decide on a first core set.

2. Discussion of sub-classing in XML, RDF, OWL (ongoing)

A concrete case was described in order to motivate the need for 

Preliminary thoughts on doing this in XML, RDF, OWL were circulated by 
Myriam, Ian and Bill:

These thoughts need to become more concrete still.

3. Initial thoughts on combining EmotionML with existing markup 
languages such as EMMA, SMIL etc.
(if time permits)

4. Date of next meeting

Next meeting should be the "early slot" (07:00 UTC); possible weeks 
would be either the week of 10 March or the week of 31 March -- 
depending on the amount of volunteer activity in the meantime.

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