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[EMOXG] Agenda for phone meeting 15 January 2007

From: Marc Schröder <schroed@dfki.de>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:57:00 +0100
Message-ID: <45A6422C.3080707@dfki.de>
To: EMOXG-public <public-xg-emotion@w3.org>

Dear all,

I hope you have all arrived well in the new year.

Our next phone meeting is fast approaching; it will be held:

*Monday 15 January 2007, at 13:00 UTC*

For access details, see previous member-only mails or the following w3c 
member-only page:

The main issue will of course be the discussion of Hannes' integrated 
document summarising the previous requirements collections:

It is an open question how to carry out this discussion. The number of 
issues to discuss is large.

I think it would be ideal if we could hold a face-to-face meeting of 1-2 
days; but I don't know if that is realistic. Would you have the money 
and the willingness to participate in such a meeting? If not, we will 
have to carry out the bulk of the discussion remotely, by email, wiki, 
and the occasional phone meeting.

Here's a proposal to structure the discussion:
     1. Identify consensus issues: Where do we agree already? Can we 
flesh out the details of these consensus issues?

     2. For the remainder, go through and discuss:
       - is clarification needed? If so, find the person who can clarify.
       - do opinions diverge? If so, note down the different positions 
and reasons.

Remember that our aim is not necessarily to agree, but to bring the 
important issues to the fore.

In this mindset, I propose the following agenda.


For the phone meeting on 15 January 2007.

1. Discuss possibility to hold a face-to-face meeting

Please think beforehand if you would have the time and money to come to 
a meeting, e.g. at DFKI in Saarbrücken, or at the meeting facilities of 
an airport, or if you would be willing to host such a meeting...! :-)

2. Review the minutes of previous meeting.


There's one key decision from the last meeting that I want to have 100% 
clear. According to these minutes (and my memory), we agreed to describe 
the relation to the "outside world" in terms of the emotion phenomenon 
(e.g., "object/trigger/cause", "signals+signs/observable correlates"), 
and *not* to use a system-centric vocabulary (e.g., "input", "output") 
in the annotation language. Hannes told me he understood that we agreed 
on the opposite (i.e., using "input" and "output"), so let's make sure 
we agree what we agreed upon!

3. Discussion on requirements document.


Please can everyone read that document before the meeting. We should 
identify two types of things:
   - points of agreement
   - needs for clarification

I think it would not be realistic to attempt clarifying all these issues 
in the phone meeting itself, given that we have only one hour. I think 
we should merely go through the document and identify who will do the 
next step on each point.

Results of this discussion should be twofold: notes on agreement, as in 
"requirement 1.1 is agreed", and in action items, where individuals 
commit to attempting to clarify an unclear issue. The resulting action 
items should be many, of the type "person X to clarify meaning of point 
Y". Hopefully, then, by the time of the next phone meeting we have a 
consolidated list of agreements and documented disagreements.

4. Date of next phone meeting

Suggestion: 19 February, 13:00 UTC

Best wishes,

Dr. Marc Schröder, Senior Researcher
DFKI GmbH, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3, D-66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
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