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Re: [EMOXG] Introductions

From: Ian Wilson <ian@emotion.ai>
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 16:52:32 +0000
Message-ID: <44F9B6D0.2040705@emotion.ai>
To: public-xg-emotion@w3.org

Dear all,

I am looking forward to contributing to the groups efforts in whatever
small way I can. I would also like to thank Marc for his work here to 
date and the excellent start made at HUMAINE.

As a start here is my short(ish) Bio with respect to
AI/Emotion :

Name: Ian Wilson
Emotion AI, emotional behavior and gesture generation (
http://www.emotion.ai , http://blog.emotion.ai )
Attention AI, emotional attention processing of events (
http://www.attention.ai )
Neon AI, core research, development and consulting ( http://www.neon.ai )
all of which are essentially "homes" for my own work.

After gaining a degree in Artificial Intelligence (University of
Westminster, London) I design and development work on intelligent
autonomous full body characters for US Military training simulations and
web assistants (Katrix Inc., Princeton, US), next I did design and
development work on full bodied conversational web characters,
specifically language understanding for English and Japanese and grammar
generation for speech recognition systems ( Inago Inc,
http;//www.inago.com, Toronto and Tokyo).

Since early 2003 I have been pursuing my own ventures with two primary
focuses based on my own research and development, ongoing for 12 years
now, with emotion based adaptive systems. One focus is on generating
emotional behaviors and facial/body gestures for virtual characters and
robots. The other focus is on using the emergent adaptive attention
processing abilities of this emotion system to prioritize real time
complex events. Both very different (which is why I have separated the
web sites).

My research extends the dimensional paradigm to account for some of its
primary flaws and tries to tie the dimensions specific neural systems in
terms of their locations, pathways, hormonal control, neurotransmitters
as well as their interactions. Personality is produced by variations in
the dimensional configurations. I have touched lightly on gender and age
affects on the model and how they account for further differences in
individual behavior.

I am also participating in an effort by the IGDA (International Game
Developers Association) AI special interest group to define standard
interfaces for Game AI systems.

Best Regards,

Ian Wilson
Founder, Emotion AI, Attention AI.
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