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[EMOXG] meeting record: 2006-11-12 Emotion XG telecon

From: Alejandra Garcia Rojas <alejandra.garciarojas@epfl.ch>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 16:28:08 +0100
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Dear all
You can find here [1] the minutes of the 4th Emotion XG telecon (11 of
December 2006).

  [1]  http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/emotion/minutes-2006-12-11.html

Merry Christmas,

In text:


Present :
Ian Wilson, Christian Peter, Marc Schröder, Hannes Pirker, Jianhua Tao,
Alejandra Garcia-Rojas, Felix Burkhardt and Myriam Lamolle

Regrets :
Jean-Claude Martin, Stacy Marsella

Chair :
Marc Schröder

Scribe :
Alejandra Garcia-Rojas

Contents :
1. Minutes of previous meeting
2. Discussion of requirements
3. Date of next meeting
4. Any other business

1. Minutes of previous meeting

<Marc> Link to the previous meeting:

No comments or objections.

2. Discussion of requirements

>From agenda: Discussion today could focus around the central question of the
limits of the emotion language. If all UC discussion leaders could be
prepared to give a summary of their stance and the issues having come up in
the discussion within their UC, that would be helpful.

Marc: The core issue today should be the interface that we want between the
emotion annotation language and the "rest of the world". Everybody agrees
that we need such an interface. One suggestion is to have input/output, i.e.
a system-centric conceptualisation; an alternative is to describe the
"objective phenomena" as they occur in the emotional situation, i.e. a
theory-driven or phenomenon-driven conceptualisation.

Marc:I had circulated a proposal for a conceptualisation in terms of the
phenomena observed, independent of any use cases; that document
distinguished "1. Experiencer", "2. cause/trigger/object" and "3. observable
correlates" rather than input/output.

Marc: in some UCs there is a trigger object that can be the input of the
emotion; interestingly, observable correlates correspond to "output" in UC3,
but to "input" in UC2.

Hannes: suggests that it is not relevant how to name input and output, but
its usability

<Ian> possibly

<Ian> yes i think so

<Ian> sounds reasonable

Hannes: recalled to define what are the "main connection points"?

<Hannes> "Relations to the rest of the world" is a nice term!

Marc: suggests to agree on using a conceptualisation driven by the emotion
phenomenon, rather than by system input/output.

<Felix> yes, I think this is a good idea

<Hannes> I agree

<Ian> agreed

<cpeter> Christian agrees

<Jianhua> agree

<Myriam> yes

Everybody: agree

Marc: we need to define how relation of the emotional annotation in the
world can be represented

<Ian> great, nice idea

Hannes: propose to compare information of all UC and volunteer to bring
together the UC documents

<Jianhua> great

<Ian> thanks!

<Jianhua> thanks hannes

<Ian> yes

<Jianhua> yes

ACTION: Hannes will make a compilation of the three UC documents in wiki, so
people can modify it, due before Christmas [recorded in

Marc: this is also a conceptual unification, metadata

<Jianhua> yes

Marc: new discussion on other suggestion: generic vs. domain-specific
aspects of requirements

<Hannes> agree

Marc:explains that the distinction is not aimed at excluding aspects from
the language, but to clarify how to include something that we may want to
have from a UC in the language. What will be hard coded? what concepts will
be open (for domain specific)? ... The big challenge for Hannes is to find
what concepts are related, generic, domain specific...
A future discussion on what is generic, domain specific will be needed.

3. Date of next meeting

Marc:15 January?

<Ian> i am ok

<Felix> no problem

<Myriam> ok

next meeting 15 January

<Ian> ok

Marc: we let open the time for US partners

4. Any other business

<Hannes> thank you marc!

<Jianhua> thank you marc

<Ian> thank you marc

<Ian> bye

<Felix> happy new year!

<Jianhua> have a nice holiday to all

<Hannes> see you

<Myriam> thank and merry Christmas

<Jianhua> bye

<Jianhua> and have a nice Christmas

<Myriam> bye

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Hannes will make a compilation of the three UC documents in
wiki, so people can modify it, due before Christmas. [recorded in

[End of minutes]
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