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Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 09:43:00 +0100
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a bit more history,
In case some additional background info is useful

I am not sure the account in this paper is accurate
(I dont remember supplying documentation for this article), but its there


 I am pretty sure I must have a copy of the SFIF schema somewhere, I think
it should be published

The rationale for SFIF was that at some point, when people were being
tracked with PFIF, (the 'where' part of the question) it became obvious that
shelters were springing up everywhere, church halls, public halls, and that
there was important information
to be held about these places, first of all
their status, then how many peole they hosted, and then of course the 'who'
(modelled by pfif)

I was no good with coding so asked Anand if he wanted to help and he took
the project on, we were initially hosted on technocrati, then on some other
server, then he lost his computer (or got it stolen?)
luckily by then I had all the logins and dumps (nightmare)

we held up to 200 shelters in there, and I found a zip file in addition to
most of the correspondence among team members (I am an archive freak), which
is bringing all sorts of memories back

On that occasion Wendy joined the team, and we subsequently invited her to
join the Humaniatarian ICT list, she is still  a member there today and pops
up on my gmail talk today (had forgotten about her valued support!)

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From: Anand Madhvani <anand@dosima.org>
Date: 2005/11/11
Subject: ShelterFinder Wiki - installed!
To: Ka-Ping Yee <ping@zesty.ca>
Cc: Content Wire GMail <paola.dimaio@gmail.com>

Dear Ka-Ping,

Thanks for this - that is really great.  (Paola, we should both keep a note
of the admin password at the bottom of this page.  I'm still waiting for
Alex to update the DNS records.)

I'm finding my way around, and will set things up in more detail later
today.  It looks like I can't make amendments at the most basic level, but I
think I can see how to get the login/passwording on the existing
ShelterFinder database to work lock-step with the Wiki, which will be

If you have a moment, I've been trying to change the top-corner logo, but
don't have the necessary file permissions.
Somehow, I seem to have successfully changed this:
    (line 35 of  /web/wiki/LocalSettings.php)
  $wgLogo             = "/shelterfinder.gif";

but can't overwrite the css file to reflect the taller logo file

Please could you replace it with the attached file, or let me have file
permissions in those directories so I can make amendments directly.  And
thank you for your help - couldn't have got this far without it!

with best wishes

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:

 Hi Anand,
> MediaWiki is now running on the server!  You can get to it at:
> The Wiki administrator account is WikiAdmin and its password is
> wawa789.
> -- ?!ng

Paola Di Maio,

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