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Greetings all
some tangential relevance with our mission here....

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Date: Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 4:38 PM
Subject: SEMIC.EU July - 200 assets, UMF community, NIEM for Europe
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SEMIC.EU Newsletter July 2009


Dear Paola Di Maio,

despite Brussels and much of Europe being in the middle of the summer
break, there is much to announce with this newsletter:

among other news, a new SEMIC.EU community on European police
cooperation, a milestone in the repository asset count and interesting
new projects and assets in the "Did you know" section.

On top of that, the Director General for Informatics of the European
Commission, Francisco García Morán, assesses the achievements of
SEMIC.EU in a new welcome statement.

Aldo Laudi, SEMIC.EU Project Officer

New SEMIC.EU community tackles interoperability in European police work


A new cooperative community has been set up at the Semantic
Interoperability Centre Europe: The development of a data framework
for European police cooperation will now be coordinated via SEMIC.EU.

Its work builds on the experience from a pilot project that brought
together law enforcement professionals from the Netherlands, Germany
and Sweden. The new community sets out to develop a "Universal
Messaging Format".

The community is open for participation by interested parties from all
European countries.

More: UMF Community page

Interview: Simon Müller, Community Chair

Ranking: Most popular assets


FR_Address: French aggregated core component for postal and geographical address
agroXML: agricultural data structures in XML schemas and content lists
XML structures for personal data: Data structure for natural persons
and legal entities
MoReq2: generic requirements specification
Catalogue of life-events: life events of citizens and companies
EURES taxonomy: database of occupations and skills used by the
European Employment Services
MoReq2 XML schema: facilitating the exchange of records between
MoReq2-compliant systems
SEMIC.EU taxonomy: 2-level taxonomy based on the EU's fields of activities
Federated security services for healthcare applications: an
architecture for maintaining identities and policies
IDABC XML schemas for public procurement: e-Ordering, e-Invoicing,
e-Tendering and e-Awarding data models

All assets: SEMIC.EU Repository

User request: A European NIEM-style information sharing network?


Are there any initiatives in Europe similar to the American NIEM
framework, Mr Thomas Knape asks in the forum. NIEM is an overall
information sharing framework complementing the specific data exchange
initiatives in the legal and law enforcement areas.

Mr Knape stresses his interest for the conceptual information sharing
approach taken for the development of NIEM.

If you know of such initiatives or can share experience on related
activities in Europe, please do so by replying to the request!

Forum access: Adoption of NIEM as information sharing framework within the EU

"XJustiz" – the 200th interoperability asset


There are now more than 200 assets in the SEMIC.EU repository. No. 200
is a building block for fully-fledged electronic legal relations which
has some potential for reuse. It offers standards for data like the
addresses of trial participants and data on scheduled sessions.

Developed by the Commission for Data Processing and Rationalisation of
the German federal government and state governments, the standard is
recommended for use in electronic communication on legal matters
throughout Germany.

Asset access: XJustiz

Did you know that...


the Committee of European Banking Supervisors provides XBRL taxonomy
representations for its COREP and FINREP reporting frameworks?
an open Community of Practice has been established in the UK to
exchange information on semantic technologies in public
the Austrian SeGoF project develops ontology-based eGovernment forms?

State code lists: Workshop with the German Statistics office


With a workshop in September, the German Federal Statistics Office,
Destatis, authorities and vendors will commence service-oriented
semantic modifications for commonly used code lists.

First up is Destatis' codelist for states, external territories and
citizenship which has been in use for many years.

A special focus will be on historisation, i.e. the representation of
territorial and political changes over time. The country of birth, for
instance, must be representable even if it does not exist in its
former state anymore. The workshop is organised in the framework of
the "Deutschland Online" Standardisation initiative.

Upcoming events


17 – 21 August 2nd International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics,
Bremen, Germany
27 August Seminar on interoperability in the public sector, Oslo, Norway
30 August – 3 September Eighth international EGOV conference 2009, Linz, Austria
25 – 27 September 4th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems,
Athens, Greece
September 2009 Workshop on harmonisation of state codelist, Berlin,
Germany (exact date tba)
October 2009 Workshop on Reuse of SEMIC.EU technology, Brussels,
Belgium (exact date tba)
October 2009 Advisory Group Meeting, Brussels, Belgium (exact date tba)

More: Events

Please do not hesitate to forward the SEMIC.EU newsletter to persons
and organisations the topics of this issue do matter. Feel free to
send us your suggestions that help to improve SEMIC.EU. In case you
received this newsletter by a friend or a colleague, we kindly invite
you to register on SEMIC.EU in order to receive future issues
yourself, directly.

The SEMIC.EU Newsletter is published under a contract with the
European Commission. The views expressed may not in any circumstances
be regarded as stating an official position. Neither the European
Commission nor any person acting on its behalf is responsible for the
use that might be made of the information provided.

© European Communities, 2009. Reproduction is authorised, except for
commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged

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Paola Di Maio
Systems and Knowledge Engineer
(Design, Manufacture, Engineering, Management)
Room 106, 75 Montrose Street
Glasgow G1 1XJ UK
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