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Re: Backplane Agenda for Tuesday, August 5

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 22:38:43 +0100
To: Charles F Wiecha <wiecha@us.ibm.com>, public-xg-app-backplane@w3.org
Cc: Rahul P Akolkar <akolkar@us.ibm.com>, Thomas Ling <ling@us.ibm.com>
Message-Id: <20080804213307.M74934@hicom.net>

aloha, charles!

i will gladly scribe at tomorrow's RWAB XG telecon...

tangentially, where would be the most appropriate place in the RWAB
wiki for an "Accessibility, ARIA, AJAX and Accessible Scripting" 
page, such as that which i've begun compiling at:


thanks, gregory.
It is better to ask some of the questions than to know 
all the answers.                      -- James Thurber
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