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Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2007-11-14

From: Mary Ellen Zurko <Mary_Ellen_Zurko@notesdev.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 11:37:03 -0500
To: public-wsc-wg@w3.org
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Web Security Context (WSC) Call Agenda

Calling information:
Wednesday, 14 November 2007
11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern time


1) Pick a scribe

2. Approve mintues from meetings

3) Newly completed action items
[Pending review] ACTION-294: Bill Doyle to Review threat trees draft wrt 
dns poisoning - due 2007-10-20
[Pending review] ACTION-298: Johnathan Nightingale to Send email out to 
list to get clarification on user intervention surrounding installing 
software - due 2007-10-03
[Pending review] ACTION-300: Tyler Close to Write up additional 
conformance language for pet name components of PII Editor Bar 
recommendation - due 2007-10-09
[Pending review] ACTION-301: Johnathan Nightingale to Write email to 
usability study people re identity signal stuff - due 2007-10-09
[Pending review] ACTION-303: Michael McCormick to Find someone to help 
with what's needed for UI and prototypes for page security scoring 
usability testing - due 2007-10-09
[Pending review] ACTION-306: Thomas Roessler to Drop editor's note into 
conformance labels section to explain what it's supposed to mean - due 
[Pending review] ACTION-308: Thomas Roessler to Re-work "use case 2" from 
issue 83 into general language about disabilities to insert into section 6 
of use case note due 2007-10-3 - due 2007-10-09
[Pending review] ACTION-309: Thomas Roessler to Draft generic 
accessibility text for section 6, to go before subsection 6.1 - due 
[Pending review] ACTION-310: Thomas Roessler to Tracker configuration: 
repair non-appearance of posts from member-wsc-wg mailing list - due 
[Pending review] ACTION-311: Thomas Roessler to Tracker configuration: 
repair non-appearance of posts from member-wsc-wg mailing list - due 
[Pending review] ACTION-312: Mary Ellen Zurko to Provide a first pass of 
associating wiki links with the FPWD text - due 2007-10-10
[Pending review] ACTION-313: Thomas Roessler to Change EV to "augmented 
assurance" in editor's draft - due 2007-10-10
[Pending review] ACTION-314: Thomas Roessler to to add language to 5.2, 
SHOULD list, to show any/all logotypes available from AA certs - due 
[Pending review] ACTION-316: Thomas Roessler to Add language to 5.1.2 to 
display info as follows:if not AA, then domain name info from CN or 
subjectAltName; if AA, then Organization attribute from subject; always: 
organization attribute from issuer; close ISSUE-99 - due 2007-10-10
[Pending review] ACTION-319: Thomas Roessler to Add text in section 5 to 
note that "no cookies => no tracking" doesn't hold, re ISSUE-105 - due 

4) Open Action Items

5) Action items closed due to inactivity 
None, but a few threats were sent

6) Agenda bashing

7) Pound out the comment response and tracking process
We need to work through, step by step, what will happen, and with what 
tools, for us to respond to and track comments. Thomas and Bill will lead 
the tools part; I'll drive the shape of the process

8) ISSUE-117 Eliminating Fault Recommendations
Let's discuss. 

9) Next meeting - 21 November 2007
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