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RE: Agenda, Wednesay. 11 July, WSC Call

From: Bruno von Niman <ANEC_W3CRep_Bruno@vonniman.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:56:50 +0200
To: "'Thomas Roessler'" <tlr@w3.org>, "'Mary Ellen Zurko'" <Mary_Ellen_Zurko@notesdev.ibm.com>
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Should be OK, unless other aspects need to be coordinated, too,
(back from some un-voluntary email silence caused by technology problems)

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On 2007-07-10 11:03:11 -0400, Mary Ellen Zurko wrote:


OMA is represented on the Hypertext Coordination Group, as are we,
so a certain amount of information exchange is going on through that
group's status reports and regular calls.

I wonder if anything beyond that is needed and desired?

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