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Re: another question about the average user

From: Maritza Johnson <maritzaj@cs.columbia.edu>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 12:23:58 -0500
To: W3 Work Group <public-wsc-wg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <BC658EBA-8F64-4E98-8B62-42F1AD4EA2FF@cs.columbia.edu>

Hello all,

I've noticed when talking about use cases we're sometimes inclined to  
leave out the case of a user conducting personal/sensitive  
transactions on a public terminal. Most say we don't need to include  
the case of users on a shared/public machine because people don't  
carry out sensitive transactions on them ( and it hasn't been from  
just one person, I've heard it from a number of people in the past  
few months). As security minded people we know not to do this, but I  
really don't think this is common knowledge.

  I'd like to argue that the average user does not see a difference  
between the internet as they access it on their personal machine, and  
the internet as they access it from a shared machine. I haven't seen  
any data which supports either side, I'm making this claim completely  
based on my own observations.

Has anyone seen any work that has explored this question?  If not, I  
think it'd be interesting to add it to the user study for getting a  
better idea of the average user.

Questions to add might be:
- Would you carry out this transaction at an Internet cafe? Why/Why not?
- Choose the answer that fits:
	If you checked your bank statement at an internet cafe you would
	A) Close the window afterward using the X  ( might not actually end  
the session)
	B) Close the browser from the menu
	C) Log out on the bank's web page then close the browser when finished
	D) I wouldn't do this

- Maritza

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