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RE: Updated SSO & Federated Identity use cases

From: Hal Lockhart <hlockhar@bea.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 19:49:12 -0800
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To: "Sverdlov, Yakov" <Yakov.Sverdlov@ca.com>
Cc: <public-wsc-wg@w3.org>
I guess I don't get the point of Case 4. There are literally scores of
variations on the cases 1-3 which I did not mention because the details
may or may not matter. Certainly the systems mentioned allow the Subject
Name identifier to be the same. Having them be different is the more
interesting case because:


A. It is more general

B. It can preserve privacy.

C. In the real world people actually possess ids with different Subject
Name Identifiers.


In your mind what is the critical difference in case for, other than
being yet another data flow?





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Subject: Updated SSO & Federated Identity use cases




I added Identity 2.0 section to the SSO & Federated Identity Wiki page.
After looking at the REST use cases, I don't think they are distinct
enough from the security context perspective, so I didn't add them to
the Wiki.




Yakov Sverdlov


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