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RE: One laptop per child project security model.

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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 22:30:36 -0600
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Dan Schutzer commended that excellent Wired article to me earlier.  What
struck me was their refreshing approach to security UIs including
warnings, indicators, and questions -- they had to be simple enough for
a 6-year-old to understand.  Reminds me of how Xerox PARC developed the
GUI & mouse with children.  The result was something so intuitive that
even the least technical user can immediately understand it without
prior training or "RTFM".  Can we apply that philosophy to WSC?


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Subject: One laptop per child project security model.

I thought that these articles had interesting notes on problems seen
with IA and usability.
Could children with a $100 laptop end up with a better security
infrastructure than executives using $5000 laptops powered by Vista? 
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