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ISSUE-145: WhatIsASecurePage not fully incorporated [wsc-xit]

From: Web Security Context Working Group Issue Tracker <sysbot+tracker@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 10:40:53 +0000 (GMT)
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ISSUE-145: WhatIsASecurePage not fully incorporated [wsc-xit]


Raised by: Yngve Pettersen
On product: wsc-xit

This issue tracks the points raised in this message:

AFAICT, the following recommendations are not yet in wsc-xit, or possibly not sufficiently covered.         
  #6/#16: all-EV site (or in new nomenclature: all-AA sites).                                               
  #12: Delayed security level change (mostly to upgrade security level, despite unsecure loading). May      
be covered by current security level change language.                                                       
More radical proposals not included                                                                         
  #8: Forbid mixing of non-TLS-protected content in TLS-protected webpages                                  
  #10: Forbid unsecure->secure password submit by clients                                                   
  #11: secure->Unsecure POST submits                                                                        
  #13: Treat https-part of URL as a security indicator (also, relevant in relation to "Chinese              
whispers"-robustness, ACTION-347)                                                                           
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