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[Bug 9612] Eventing: Support WS-Management's XPath Level 2 dialect

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Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 05:20:42 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Gilbert Pilz <gilbert.pilz@oracle.com>  2010-05-12 05:20:42 ---
The WS-RA WG considered this request during the face to face meeting of May
11th, 2010. The following points were raised:

1.) Over the course of its lifetime the WS-RA WG has received a number of
proposals and requests to support various flavors of XPath 1.0 profiles, each
one slightly different from the other.

2.) The membership of the WG has expressed very little interest in implementing
the XPath Level 1 profile that is in the LC draft of WS-Fragment; so much so
that the decision was made to remove it from that specification.

3.) Some members of the WG would like to see XPath 2.0 used as the basis for
filtering or selection languages.

In the judgement of the WS-RA WG it can't specify any dialects of XPath that
will satisfy the needs of more than one particular domain (such as management).
Rather than becoming a storehouse for various XPath profiles, the various WS-RA
specs should, as they already do, provide a simple and extensible framework
that allows these domains to specify their own filtering/selection dialects.

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