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[Bug 7586] Eventing: Expires multiple data types creates interop issue

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Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 14:05:00 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from David Snelling <david.Snelling@UK.Fujitsu.com>  2009-10-02 14:05:00 ---


  <wse:Subscribe ...>
    <wse:EndTo> endpoint-reference </wse:EndTo> ?
    <wse:Delivery ...> xs:any* </wse:Delivery>
    <wse:Format Name="xs:anyURI"? > xs:any* </wse:Format> ?
    <wse:Expires min="(xs:dateTime | xs:duration)"? max="(xs:dateTime |
xs:duration)"? exact="xs:boolean"?>
        (xs:dateTime | xs:duration) 
    </wse:Expires> ?
    <wse:Filter Dialect="xs:anyURI"? ...> xs:any* </wse:Filter> ?

The Following replaces [Body]/wse:Subscribe/wse:Expires and the paragraphs

[Body] /wse:Subscribe/wse:Expires

This OPTIONAL element can be used by the Subscriber to indicate the expiration
time of the requested Subscription. The value of this element indicates the
desired expiration time for the subscription. The implied default is indefinite
(no expiry). The value of this element MUST be between the values of the @min
and @max attributes inclusive. If the request is malformed, the event source
MUST generate a wse:InvalidExpirationTime fault.

If the wse:Expires element is present and the event source is not able to grant
an expiry time within range indicated by the @min and @max attribute values, it
MUST generate a wse:ExpirationTimeExceeded fault. 

[Body] /wse:Subscribe/wse:Expires@min

The implied default is PT0S. This specifies the minimum expiration time that
the event subscriber is willing to accept.

[Body] /wse:Subscribe/wse:Expires@max

The implied default is indefinite (no expiry). This specifies the maximum
expiration time that the event subscriber is willing to accept.

[Body] /wse:Subscribe/wse:Expires@exact

The default value is "false" in which case this attribute has no effect. If
this attribute value is "true" both @min and @max attributes MUST be ignored
and are treated as if they had the same value as the wse:Expires element.

Need a new response type wse:GrantedExpires

        (xs:dateTime | xs:duration) 
    </wse:GrantedExpires> ?

The value of this element indicates the expiration time (or duration) granted
by the event source. If this element is missing the granted expiration time is

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