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[Bug 6724] Eventing: define resource representation

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--- Comment #4 from Doug Davis <dug@us.ibm.com>  2009-07-21 18:54:38 ---
Minor tweak to the proposal (new text in ***)

Appendix B: Subscription Manager Resource Model

A Subscription Manager can choose to allow for retrieval and update of the 
Expires time of a subscription through the use of the GetStatus and Renew 
operations.  If it wishes it MAY also choose to expose the Subscription 
Manager itself as a resource that can be accessed using resource access 
specifications such as WS-Transfer *** - thus allowing access to the other
properties of the Subscription*** .  This specification places no 
requirements on implementations with respect to which operations (if any) 
that it supports.  Nor does this specification require that 
implementations support updates to all properties of the resource. 
However, if the Subscription Manager chooses to expose the Subscription 
Manager as a resource then it MUST support the wse:Subscription schema 
defined by this specification.  The outline for a Subscription Manager 
resource is:

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