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[Bug 6432] Eventing: Push delivery mode does not work when the subscriber is not addressable

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Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 16:34:57 +0000
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--- Comment #8 from Ram Jeyaraman <ram.jeyaraman@microsoft.com>  2009-08-05 16:34:57 ---
I propose the following:

Modify section "2.2 Delivery" with the following (new text in ***):

2.2 Delivery
This specification defines only an asynchronous method of delivery for
notifications from the event source to event sink.  Other methods or
combination of methods may be defined through the use of delivery extensions.

*** start ***

When the wse:NotifyTo element is used within the Delivery element it specifies
the endpoint to which Notifications are sent. For delivery to addressable 
endpoints this is sufficient. However, for non-addressable endpoints some
additional mechanisms are needed. A subscription manager MAY choose to support 
mechanisms, such as the [WS-MakeConnection] specification, to enable delivery
of Notifications to
non-addressable endpoints. See the WS-MakeConnection [WS-MakeConnection]
specification for more information, and an example, of how this would work.

*** end ***

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