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WS-Eventing, WS-MetadataExchange, WS-Event-Description remarks

From: Stephan Poehlsen <poehlsen@itm.uni-luebeck.de>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 17:29:02 +0200
Message-ID: <4C59873E.3090909@itm.uni-luebeck.de>
To: public-ws-resource-access-comments@w3.org

while reading the current version of different ws-ra specs (30 March 
2010) I have got a few remarks:


- Reference: I think it is better to link to the HTML version of other 
specifications (such as WS-MakeConnection) than Word or PDF documents. 
Especially when reading the ws-eventing spec in an Internet browser.

- Example 2-1: use urn:uuid:... instead of uuid:... for MessageID in 
line 11 and all following messageIDs and corresponding RelatesTo. A far 
as I know this is the typical version of MessageIDs. See 
http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4122 and

- Typo in 4.2: "message" occurs twice in "The Renew request message 
message MUST be of the following form:"

- Table 5-2 (Subscription Manager Action Table): In the "Unsubscribe 
Request [msg]" it is not sufficient to "Send UnsubscribeResponse" only. 
The subscription should be invalidated before.

Section A.1 last sentence: GED is not introduced in this document. It is 
only known from the ws-event-description spec (section 4.1).


- Section 8.2 first box: indentation of "<wsa:Metadata>" wrong

- Example 8-6 line 04: typo in "RerenceParameters" and in line 08: "wmlns"

- Example 9-1 line 14-15: Would it be better to use from the 
ws-event-descriptions spec example 4-1 line 12-14 with the following 
attributes: name="WindReportEvent" element="ow:WindReport" 
actionURI="http://www.example.org/oceanwatch/2003/WindReport"? There is 
no context between WindReport and StockQoute. In case of modifications 
the following paragraphs have to be updated (<sq:Quote>, line number)

- Section 9, second grey box (the one after example 9-1): misses a line 
19 with the closing policy tag. Maybe name it example 9-2. For me it is 
not clear, why the first box is named example 9-1 and the following do 
not have "names" to reference.

- Section 9, last grey box (third): in the closing notifyTo the "to" is 

- Example 12-2 line 05: a trailing slash in the start tag


- example 4-3 line 03: typo "EventDescritions"

Kind regards,
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