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New Issue: Policy framework should document extensibility points using {any} and @{any} in xpath-like expressions, and define these in Notational Conventions section

From: David Orchard <dorchard@bea.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 16:27:08 -0700
Message-ID: <E16EB59B8AEDF445B644617E3C1B3C9C021AE305@repbex01.amer.bea.com>
To: <public-ws-policy@w3.org>


(content follows)

Policy framework defines a number of elements that have extensibility
for attributes and elements.  In a few places, such as were <assertion>s
occur, the extensibility point is documented.  

Every place where extensibility can occur, such extensibility should be
documented.  The places are:

Note the first 2 cases have the elipses notation already in the pseudo
The remaining places may not be extensibible by design.  

The description of attribute extensibility from attachments is
Additional attributes MAY be specified but MUST NOT contradict the
semantics of
the owner element; if an attribute is not recognized, it SHOULD be

Though I do think the "ignoring" part is redundant with the
processing model text.

I propose that:
1. the same notation conventions from the attachment document be
included in
2. the agreed upon extensibility points are documented.

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