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Agenda: WS-Policy interop F2F meeting 2 - 2007-05-23 to 2007-05-25

From: Paul Cotton <Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 17:34:38 -0700
To: "public-ws-policy-interop@w3.org" <public-ws-policy-interop@w3.org>
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I have taken my original interop F2F meeting plan [1] and amended it for your review.  Your comments are welcome.


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ws-policy-interop/2007Apr/0006.html

1. New participants

We are expecting the following new participants in the interop testing: Axway, BEA and gSOAP.

2. Round1 and Round2 results

Additional Round1 and Round2 self-test results from Axway, BEA, gSOAP, Oracle and Sun.

3. Outstanding Round3 WSDL 1.1 tests

The dashboard [2] indicates that there are still tests that are failing in Round3 between Sun, Oracle and WS02.  If these results are not fixed before the Ottawa event I assume there will be work done in Ottawa to close out these tests.

[2] http://dev.w3.org/cvsweb/~checkout~/2006/ws/policy/interop/results/dashboard-summary.html

4. Additional Round3 WSDL 1.1 testing

Axway, BEA and gSOAP will be participating in the Round3 interop for the first time.  This would require doing more Round3 testing amongst as many of the participants as possible.

5. Round 4 WSDL 1.1 testing

Oracle has provided Round 4 WSDL 1.1 results.  We are expecting IBM to supply additional results for these tests.

6. The Ottawa interop event will handle interop testing for the following WSDL 2.0 tests groups:

a) Round2 WSDL2.0 Results
b) Round3 WSDL2.0 Results
c) Round4 External WSDL2.0 Results

So far WS02 and IBM have offered to work on these tests.

7. Additional Round4 tests

The Ottawa interop event will handle interop testing of the following outstanding Round4 tests:

a) Round4 MediaType Results
b) Round4 Negative Tests

We need to determine which other companies will provide results for these tests.

8. WS-Addressing Metadata assertion testing

I believe that the WS-Addressing WG will be doing a Last Call on their revised WS-Addressing Metadata policy assertions in latter May.  It is possible that some companies will want to do early interop testing on these policy assertions at this meeting.  More details will follow.

9. Round4 UDDI tests

No additional UDDI testing is expected to be done in Ottawa as we have adequate up to date results.

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