Dear All,

I've been investigating WSDL 2.0 MEPs.

In the latest Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Version 2.0: Additional MEPs ( document, I see "In-Optional-Out MEP," "Out-Only MEP," "Robust Out-Only MEP," "Out-In MEP" and "Out-Optional-In MEP"

But I find references around the Internet to other WSDL 2,0 MEPs such as "In-Out" and "In-Only," to name but two. The only reference I can find to these other MEPS in any WSDL specification documentation are ones marked "Candidate Recommendation."

Does this mean this second set of MEPs are not officially part of the WSDL 2,0 specification and never where?

If I dig deeply enough into "In-Optional-Out MEP" would I find that it now includes what used to be "In-Only" and so "In-Only" was deemed redundant?

Thank you for any information and history!




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