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Plans for primer

From: Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@pi4tech.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 15:39:30 +0100
Message-Id: <aeaad2fc86e16159a3de34267430967d@pi4tech.com>
To: 'WS-Choreography List' <public-ws-chor@w3.org>

Enclosed are my first cut of plans for developing the primer for a 
first release in December.

1. Make necessary modification to the last circulated version based on 
comments received in late June and early July.

2. Transforming word into XML.

3. We need to get good examples for the following features within the 
examples listed below (in no particular order):

	(i) 	Silent actions
	(ii) 	Silent variables
	(iii) 	Timeouts and duration
	(iv) 	Exceptions
	(v) 	Finalizers
	(vi) 	Globalized triggers
	(vii) 	Isolation levels on workunits
	(viii) 	Performs and binding
	(ix) 	Performs and choreography id's
	(x)	Record's in interactions
	(xi)	Non-WSDL end-points
	(xii)	Binding to WSDL and SOAP
     To do this I propose that we concentrate on a standard example and 
this probably best served through the use of
     the existing buyer/seller/shipper/credit checker example that is in 
the primer today.
     Best way of doing it, at least to my way of thinking, is for 
volunteers to take the example and change it, documenting the
     changes, in order to elaborate the example.

4. Writing and editing. We need to ensure that the example above have 
the necessary supporting words in the document.
     By ensuring that the examples are themselves documented we can 
split the example generation from the wordsmithing
     that needs to accompany it.

5. Develop examples
	(i) B2B use of WS-CDL
	      Our usual Buyer/Seller/Shipper is adequate but we need to add 
some further facilities as described above.
                This will form the basis of  our standard example within 
the primer.

	(ii) Internal use of WS-CDL
	     I am of a mind to look at something akin to a workflow/process 
description for the processing of documentation
               and generation of accounting information in a typical 
business. This scenario would include reception of orders
               that have been agreed to (this would mean orders that are 
going to be fulfilled or have been committed to) and then
	     describe the interactions needed to hook the orders into document 
generation and accounting. This would include
               services for business rule elaboration and approval steps 
as well as validation of orders on reception. So the roles
	     would be something akin to: OrderGathering, Validation, 
Enrichment, Order Storage,
	     Order Confirmation (doc gen), Accounting (netting and billing).

	(iii) Patterns of collaboration
	   	(a) Bartering using durations for quote timeouts
		(b) Channel passing for anonimity (e.g. delivery note in example)
		(c) Dependent workunits based on state

Now Item (1) needs to be completed as soon as possible and that really 
is down to me. Then item (2) can be done and I need someone to take on 
that task because it is just too time consuming for me to do.

We need to have an valid encoding for Item (5 (i)) basic example which 
can then be distributed around the WG so that item (3) can be tackled.

Item (4) depends on item (3) so we have to wait until some examples 
come to the fore.

Item (5 (ii)) can proceed independently of all others for the time 

Item (5 (iii)) is related to item (3) since some of the usages are best 
illustrated by patterns. So whoever does any of (3) needs to be aware 
of  the patterns that we wish to illustrate.

We do however need to elaborate the patterns - there are or should be 
several more to illustrate and perhaps we can discuss this on the call 

Last version is at: 


Steve T
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