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From: Gary Brown <gary@pi4tech.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 16:07:24 -0000
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Comments on structure:

Section 3 looks fine, except 3.3 should be "Grouping constructs" and include 
Parallel, so that all the basic grouping constructs are introduced together. 
I would also consider moving the 'perform' into this section, as 
modularization (sub choreographes) should be treated as a basic grouping 

Section 4 - possibly group all the aspects that affect a choreo lifecycle - 
e.g. finalizers, exceptions and completion condition, into a single section 
that also outlines the state transition of a choreography lifecycle.

Possible structure of section 4:

4.1 Choreography lifecycle
4.1.1 State Transitions
4.1.2 Handling exceptions
4.1.3 Finalization (compensation handling)
4.1.4 Completion conditions
4.1.5 Coordination

4.2 Dependent Workunits
- disadvantage is that it can obscure the flow

4.3 Modularization (Synchronous perform) - if not moved into section 3

4.4 Concurrent (asynchronous) perform
(including join mechanism, blocking workunit awaiting specific subchoreo 
instance(s) completing or business predicate succeeding)

4.5 Non-observable
4.5.1 No action
4.5.2 Silent action
4.5.3 Silent variables

4.6 Time
4.6.1 Timeout of a sub choreography in a complete condition
4.6.2 Timeout of an interaction
4.6.3 Waiting using a blocking workunit

4.7 Managing state
4.7.1 Free variables (bound in a perform)
4.7.2 Isolated choreographies

The contents is not very different, just tried to group some aspects in a 
way that will make it easier to introduce the concepts and explore related 
issues in the same part of the document.


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