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Request for examples (more detail)

From: Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@pi4tech.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 20:24:38 +0000
Message-Id: <138c44acc848a87b0f62aab3ad45110e@pi4tech.com>
To: 'WS-Choreography List' <public-ws-chor@w3.org>

Folks I need good examples that can be weaved in with the 
Buyer/Seller/CreditChecker/Shipper example we are using in the primer.

The key examples I need are as follows:

	(i) 	Silent actions
		Perhaps something that transforms a message from the basic order 
format to an order wrapped in
					<order ....>
		Where this silent action is to execute at the Seller before passing 
the message to the Shipper when requesting.
		Where "value" is some different identity.
		Where "<order ....>" is the order that was received.

	(ii) 	Silent variables
		Perhaps using a silent variable in managing when an order is 
completed based on the order being partially
		fulfilled. This silent variable would reside at the buyer and seller 
roles and represent (invisibly) the current
		sub total of the partial order confirmations.

	(iii) 	Timeouts and duration
		Perhaps using the duration as a means of controlling the timeout on a 
quote set at 5 minutes.
		Perhaps using the duration as a means of describing the seller 
proactively  issuing a new quote after a
		duration has passed.

	(iv) 	Exceptions
		Perhaps using them to describe what happens if a fault is returned by 
the CreditChecker to indicate the buyer
		did not pass muster. And perhaps by the shipper returning a fault 
because they cannot fulfill their contract which
		means they must deliver within 48 hours.

	(v) 	Finalizers
		Any suggestions?

	(vi) 	Globalized triggers
		What can we do here?

	(vii) 	Isolation levels on workunits

	(viii) 	Performs and binding
		Breaking up the current example so that the batering part is in one 
sub choreo and the
		shipping part in another. Essentially the outer workunits.

	(ix) 	Performs and choreography id's

	(x)	Record's in interactions

	(xi)	Non-WSDL end-points
		Showing how JMS code could be mapped (e.g. operation maps to topic or 
queue, document becomes payload).
		Showing how it might map to Java using RMI.
		Showing a combination in which the interface is Java RMI like but the 
marshaling bit uses topics/queues.

	(xii)	Binding to WSDL and SOAP
		We will need to show how we might bind to WSDL1.1 and WSDL2.0 and 
demonstrate that the choreography does
		not need to be changed (aka the changes to WS-CDL as part of our last 
call review put forward by Charlton and

	(xiii) Channel Passing
		By showing how it can be represented in a WS-Address for the 
Buyer/Seller and Seller/Shipper interactions.
		By showing how it can be piggy backed on the order placement and 
shipping requests in a similar way to how
		I modeled the reformatted order to shipping request in the silent 
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