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[Fwd: Re: [ws-chor] 10/7/2004: Clarification Issue 687.3 and 615]

From: Monica J. Martin <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:55:36 -0700
To: "WS Choreography (E-mail)" <public-ws-chor@w3.org>
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As I am pending a response from Steve and Nick, I am posting some 
additional details. Since Issue 687.3 (item 3 only still open) and 615 
are related, I have combined them in this response.

> Martin, 7 October 2004 to SRT and NK:
>> Here is the remaining item we briefly discussed 30 Sept 2004.
>> 3. In the F2F in March 2004, we indicated we did not acknowledge 
>> 'dependent' choreographies (the blue boxes) that exist in the package 
>> or root (blue box). How then can we handle dependencies between 
>> imported, performed and choreographies with root=false?
>> As I was asked to do, I need a bit more information to respond so 
>> that this can be clarified or closed:
>> 1. The current 22 Sept 2004 specification indicates that the bind 
>> variables if available between the performing and performed 
>> choreographies
>> should be of the same participant type. It is often the case that, 
>> for example, a retailer takes on several roles
>> across these composed choreographies. The Seller for the sale, the 
>> distributor for the warehouse, etc.  Does the
>> bind element enforce the same participant type via the semantics (The 
>> Role Types within a single bind element MUST be carried out by the
>> same party, hence they MUST belong to the same Participant Type)?
>> 2. In the Choreography package, if we do not have priority, can we 
>> enforce that the performed choreography can not be used unless 
>> enclosed in the enclosing
>> choreography? If the answer is yes and the semantics support that, we 
>> can close 687.3.
>> Otherwise, a priority or an enforceable sequence may be required.  I 
>> am attempting to differentiate two choreographies in progress in the 
>> same
>> package vs. one choreography in use and completes before the next 
>> choreography does. If we answer, we can also close Issue 615. Thank you.
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