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RE: Comments WS-Choreography Last Call document WD-ws-cdl-10-20041217

From: Martin Chapman <martin.chapman@oracle.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 15:07:40 -0000
To: "'Tony Fletcher'" <tony_fletcher@btopenworld.com>, <public-ws-chor-comments@w3.org>, <public-ws-chor@w3.org>
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Comments only need be sent to public-ws-chor-comments@w3.org.


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>Subject: Comments WS-Choreography Last Call document 
>Submitted by Tony on behalf of Bob Haugen and Monica Martin.
>PS For future reference which is the correct list / are the 
>correct lists to send Last call Comments to - and is there a 
>preferred style for comments?
>Best Regards     Tony
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>Subject: Re: ws-chor 12/8/2004: My Comments through 2.5.2
>Mostly written by Monica Martin, but agreed to by Bob Haugen 
>(author of the original sentence) here is a clearer 
>replacement for a confusing sentence in section '2.4.9 
>Choreography Finalization' third bullet:
>Change from: "One "undo" Finalizer Block along with a "close" 
>Finalizer Block to signal that the "undo" Finalizer Block is 
>no longer able to be enabled, that is, the Choreography is now closed."
>Change to: 
>One "undo" Finalizer Block and one "close" Finalizer Block. If 
>the "close" Finalizer is enabled, then the Choreography will 
>be closed, and the "undo" Finalizer Block can no longer be enabled.
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