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RE: message formats and bindings (was MEPs).

From: Burdett, David <david.burdett@commerceone.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 06:33:58 -0800
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To: jdart@tibco.com, Jean-Jacques Dubray <jjd@eigner.com>
Cc: "'Mayilraj Krishnan'" <mkrishna@cisco.com>, "'Jean-Jacques Moreau'" <jean-jacques.moreau@crf.canon.fr>, "'Patil Sanjaykumar'" <sanjay.patil@iona.com>, public-ws-chor@w3.org

I agree. I think there should be:
a) an abstract definition of a choreography that is independent of SOAP and
b) a binding of the choreography specification to SOAP and WSDL.

This will also make it easier to evolve the choreography specs as SOAP and
WSDL change and evolve - you just produce a new binding. If others want to
bindings, e.g. for ebXML or RosettaNet then they can.


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From: Jon Dart [mailto:jdart@tibco.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 2:01 PM
To: Jean-Jacques Dubray
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Subject: Re: message formats and bindings (was MEPs).

Jean-Jacques Dubray wrote:
> Jon:
> It would be nice even if these bindings are not part of the spec, that
> the spec is layered in such a way that these bindings can be added via
> extensibility mechanisms. 

I wasn't suggesting (nor was anyone, I think) that ebXML or RosettaNet 
bindings be included. But if you take a sufficiently abstract approach 
to specifying message exchange, and avoid restricting message contents 
to SOAP (for example), then using WS-Choreography with a variety of 
message formats would be possible. Cf. David Burdett's message asking 
for "detailed message format independence"
Although I am not sure he was envisioning things like ebXML signals.

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