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Re: Revised: Mission Statement

From: Monica J. Martin <monica.martin@sun.com>
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 11:48:41 -0600
Message-ID: <3F0860F9.4020001@sun.com>
To: Nickolas Kavantzas <nickolas.kavantzas@oracle.com>
CC: "Cummins, Fred A" <fred.cummins@eds.com>, Martin Chapman <martin.chapman@oracle.com>, Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@enigmatec.net>, "Yaron Y. Goland" <ygoland@bea.com>, public-ws-chor@w3.org

Nickolas Kavantzas wrote:

>During the Chicago F2F, the W3C Choreography Group agreed and later presented to the BPEL TC chairs its mission statement.
>This statement was presented by the BPEL TC chairs to the BPEL TC members, in last week's BPEL TC conf-call.
>I think we may want to revisit it only when we have a better understanding on the use cases and requirements, and have made some progress on the harvesting fronts. Then questions like 'what semantics of web services really means' will become more easier for us to answer.
mm1: +1, considering we have multiple types of composition, and have not 
addressed which we will include within our scope (note previous message 
on some definitions we have discussed and have been included in the 

Has everyone considered the proposed overall definition I provided?

**A service composition is a composition of services that results in a new service. The new service can be the combination of distinct parts to form a whole of the same generic type. The web services could be combined to achieve a specific goal.**

This integrates parts of the definitions of recursive, web service and choreography composition and doesn't specify the mechanism used for composition (how).
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