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Re: Choreography Definition Language for Web Services [was: Re: The specs we need (was, RE: Correlation Requirements]

From: Assaf Arkin <arkin@intalio.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 13:18:18 -0700
Message-ID: <3F3A9D0A.5020904@intalio.com>
To: Nickolas Kavantzas <nickolas.kavantzas@oracle.com>
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It seems to me that we need to be practical in our approach and focus on 
solving a problem in the world of WS. If in the future we would find a 
different architecture, we can always carry the lessons learned and work 
out a solution for that architecture. But at this point I just don't see 
the benefit of doing anything that is not WS related.

Nickolas Kavantzas wrote:

> I am not really sure why we need to have 2 docs (1. CHOREOGRAPHY 
> I believe that we should create a CHOREOGRAPHY DEFINITION LANGUAGE for 
> *Web Services* (*CDL4WS*) that uses WSDL 1.2/XML Schema features to 
> bind the abstract choreography constructs to concrete things like 
> data-types, message formats/protocols, endpoint-references, etc.
> The CDL4WS can provide a lot of value add to the Web Services user 
> community compared to what exists now.
> BTW, BPEL4WS has taken a similar design approach, where they architect 
> their specs for the WS-stack by using all WS-existing specs and 
> extending/creating new ones only when necessary. As a result of this 
> approach they have created "Business Process Execution Language* for 
> Web Services"* and not just "Business Process Execution Language".
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