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Re: New issue with possible solution - Unbound free variables

From: Monica J. Martin <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 09:28:48 -0800
To: Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@enigmatec.net>
Cc: WS-Choreography List <public-ws-chor@w3.org>, public-ws-chor-comments@w3.org
Message-id: <4187C3D0.8040705@sun.com>

> SRT: If a "free" variable in an enclosed choreography is not BOUND 
> then what is the variables status? Does it have a value or is it said 
> to be undefined? My concern is if any conditional logic is based on 
> the value of a free variable that is UNBOUND it may have unexpected 
> consequences.
> One possible solution is to add a default value to the definition of 
> the variable within the choreography in which it is defined. The 
> semantics would be such that free variables that are not bound take on 
> the default value. The absence of a default value for a free variable 
> that is UNBOUND would result in a type error or a warning being 
> generated on parsing the CDL file(s) in which it is defined.
> At alternative would be to have no default value and simply add the 
> necessary text (above) so that it is made clear how to parse a CDL 
> document and what to report as an error or warning.

mm1: Steve, has this been logged as an issue or agreed upon? Thanks.
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