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RE: Reference Parameters resolution

From: Springer, Ian P. <ian.springer@hp.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:53:41 +0000
Message-ID: <6D6463F31027B14FB3B1FB094F2C74470775DB07@tayexc17.americas.cpqcorp.net>
To: "Eran Chinthaka" <chinthaka@opensource.lk>, <public-ws-addressing-request@w3.org>
Cc: <general@ws.apache.org>
Hi Eran,
I'm not a member of the WSA working group, but I think I can answer your
question. Any headers in the SOAP request that have a
wsa:Type="parameter" attribute correspond to reference parameters from
the EPR from which the WSA headers were derived. Reference parameters
are xs:anys and so would be represented using DOM Elements, SAAJ
SOAPElements, or some other generic representation of XML elements. If
you wanted to be agnostic to any particular binding technology, you'd
have to represent the the ReferenceParameters as java.lang.Objects. 
Fyi, I'm planning on rewriting the WS-FX Addressing impl in the August
timeframe to be SOAP platform neutral, to transparently support multiple
versions of WSA, and to closely follow the APIs being drafted by JSR261.
I'm sure you probably need something for Axis2 before then, but I hope
in August we can discuss Axis2 leveraging and contributing to the WS-FX
implementation, so we don't have redundant implementations. I am even
thinking that the generic WSA impl could be moved into the new
ws-commons project.
Cc'ing general@ws in case other WS committers have any comments or


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	Subject: Reference Parameters resolution



	I'm implementing WS-Addressing 1.0 for Apache Axis2. I got this
question when I'm implementing that. I greatly appreciate if some one
can help me with the following question.


	<S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope"
















	In short how do I know which reference parameter relates to
which addressing property ?


	I know that reference parameters are meant to be parameters for
the web services engine. But when I'm receiving a SOAP message I have to
assign the received parameters to one of the addressing headers. Is
there a method proposed in WS-Addressing specification ?


	Thanks and Regards,

	Eran Chinthaka
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