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RE: WS-A Issue 28 - Multiple ports needed in an EPR

From: Vinoski, Stephen <Steve.Vinoski@iona.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 20:35:45 -0500
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To: "brinild" <brinild@yahoo.com>
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Yes, I will. I took an action item in today's meeting to formally write up this issue by Friday.

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From: brinild [mailto:brinild@yahoo.com]
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To: Vinoski, Stephen
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Subject: RE: WS-A Issue 28 - Multiple ports needed in an EPR

Steve - could you give an example of what one of these Multiple Port EPRs might look like?  I'm wondering how the reference properties would be grouped since they may be address specific.

"Vinoski, Stephen" <Steve.Vinoski@iona.com> wrote: 

My apologies for being unclear. My answer had two parts: one about the target of a message, and the other about messages sent to a particular target where the messages contain addressing information about other (third party) services.

1. For the target, there's no requirement to always send the whole multi-address EPR with each message. This is because the target normally already knows the addresses by which it's reachable. There are cases, however, such as with routers that switch messages from one protocol/transport/format to another, that is made possible only by sending the whole multi-address EPR for the target. So sending the whole target EPR needn't be mandatory, but it should be allowed.

2. If you want to send an EPR for a third party service as part of a message to a target service, e.g., send a callback EPR to some event service to register for fut! ure notifications, then you need to send the whole EPR for the third party.

Hopefully that's clearer.


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From: Rich Salz [mailto:rsalz@datapower.com]
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To: Vinoski, Stephen
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Subject: RE: WS-A Issue 28 - Multiple ports needed in an EPR

> Sanjiva is right. (I already answered this the previous time you asked
> it, Rich; see [1].)

I couldn't make sense of your answer.


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