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Re: Problems with the SOAP binding

From: Tom Rutt <tom@coastin.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 21:24:49 -0500
Message-ID: <41C8DAF1.4040806@coastin.com>
To: Rich Salz <rsalz@datapower.com>
CC: "Srinivas, Davanum M" <Davanum.Srinivas@ca.com>, "public-ws-addressing@w3.org" <public-ws-addressing@w3.org>

The "wrapper" proposals for refPs would not allow this "problem" to occur.

It seems the "feature" of top level refPs as headers is full of problems.

The "wrapped" wss:RefPRops or wsa:To headers could be read by 
they just would not be top level headers.  

Tom Rutt

Rich Salz wrote:

>Yes, if you relax the rules for opacity, and allow the client to
>do special processing when required, then the client can "merge"
>the two ws-security messages (one in the refp and one it generates).
>So yes, since the current SOAP binding is "broken," this change to the
>SOAP binding will address the issue.  As I said on the call (and in
>email), I'd want Gudge's opinion.
>It'll be interesting to see how to violate opacity. :)
>	/r$

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