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From: Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:33:20 -0700
To: public-ws-addressing-comments@w3.org
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Subject: Last Call Comment (soap) - Binding fault [detail] in SOAP 1.1 
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:24:29 -0700
From: Arun Gupta <arun.gupta@sun.com>
Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
To: public-ws-addressing-comments@w3.org

* Title - Binding fault [Detail] in SOAP 1.1 envelope

* Description -
Section 5.0 of SOAP Binding [1] defines the binding of fault properties,
namely [Code], [Subcode], [Reason], and [Detail] to SOAP 1.1 and SOAP
1.2 envelopes. All the properties are bound to a SOAP 1.2 envelope (as
shown in Example 5-1) but only [Subcode] and [Reason] are bound in SOAP
1.1 envelope (as shown in Example 5-2). The faults specified in section
5.1 [2] to 5.5 [3] are thrown when there is a problem in the
WS-Addressing headers. In that sense, I think all of these faults can be
treated as header faults.

Now SOAP 1.1 says [4] that detailed error information belonging to
header entries MUST be carried within header entries. However if we
treat these faults as headerfaults then they really are unsolicited
header faults and thus there is no description in the WSDL that
indicates how the detail information can be carried out in the header

* Justification -
SOAP 1.1 has a mechanism to convey detailed information about header
faults and Core defines [Detail] property for WS-Addressing related
faults. But currently this property is mapped only to a SOAP 1.2 envelope.

* Target -
SOAP Binding

* Proposal -

Define a new wrapper element wsa:faultDetail or wsa:headerFault in
section 5.0 of SOAP Binding [1] that can be used to convey the fault
[Detail] in SOAP 1.1 message.

[4] http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/NOTE-SOAP-20000508/#_Ref477488700

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