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[wot-f2f] minutes - PlugFest Day - 12 July 2016

From: Kazuyuki Ashimura <ashimura@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 10:10:07 +0900
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                               - DRAFT -

    WoT IG f2f Meeting in Beijing - Open Day/Presentations/PlugFest

12 Jul 2016

   See also: [2]IRC log

      [2] http://www.w3.org/2016/07/10-wot-irc


          Yoshiaki_Ohsumi(Panasonic), Kazuo_Kajimoto(Panasonic),
          Masato_Ohura(Panasonic), Katsuyoshi_Naka(Panasonic),
          Takuki_Kamiya(Fujitsu), Ryuichi_Matsukura(Fujitsu),
          Kaz_Ashimura(W3C), Kazuaki_Nimura(Fujitsu),
          Johannnes_Hund(Siemens), Sebastian_Kaebisch(Siemens),
          Joerg_Heuer(Siemens), Darko_Anicic(Siemens),
          Matthias_Kovatsch(Siemens), Frank_Reusch(RWE),
          Dave_Raggett(W3C), Kuniiko_Toumura(Hitachi),
          Yongjing_Zhang(Huawei), Yingying_Chen(W3C),
          Ding_ZhiLin(Skyworth), Ji_Yang(BUPT), Wu_Zhenyu(BUPT),
          Wen_Na(China_IoT_Alliance), LuLuXie(Tencnet),
          Wang_Lefei(Fujitsu), BaiWen_Yan, Ruishan_Liu,
          Fan_Xiaojing(Fujitsu), Xue_Wenqian(Fujisu),
          Sue_Yi(Fujitsu), Xin_Ling(Panasonic), Wang_Hao(Fujitsu),
          Way_Nan(CETC), Liu_Peyun(CETC), Wan_Jun(chinahci),
          Yuan_Ning(BJ_WoT_tech), Daniel_Peintner(Siemens; Remote)




     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]W3C PlugFest Introduction
         2. [5]CETC IoT presentation - Zice Xiong
         3. [6]1st exchange on interoperability between CETC's IoT
            and W3C's WoT
         4. [7]Collaborative panel discussion on CETC's work and
            W3C WoT
         5. [8]W3C PlugFest short pitches
         6. [9]WoT demo pitches - continued
         7. [10]Scenario 1 - Hello WoT
         8. [11]How to proceed with the joint work between CETC
            and W3C WoT IG
         9. [12]Scenario 2 and 3
        10. [13]PlugFest demo with CETC
     * [14]Summary of Action Items

W3C PlugFest Introduction

   joerg: gives brief introduction about PlugFest

   matthias: starts his presentation on the detailed description
   about what W3C Web of Things and the PlugFest is like

   (Matthias shows his slides on the PlugFest.)

   matthias: goes through what Thing Description, Scripting API,
   etc., are like
   ... and then detailed example scripts
   ... to wrap up the description, Matthias shows online resources
   ... Current Practices, Organization WIki, Test Cases and Report

CETC IoT presentation - Zice Xiong

1st exchange on interoperability between CETC's IoT and W3C's WoT

   CETC shows a demo with a smartphone and devices, e.g., air

   also a robot with speech interface to control a printer

   and a video camera

Collaborative panel discussion on CETC's work and W3C WoT

   4 experts from the W3C side: Johannes, Matthias, Katsuyoshi and

   3 experts from the CETC side: name tbd

   discussion on Thing Description

   matthias: we have properties which correspond to attributes of
   CETC's Thing Description

   machao: provides description on their function of interface
   ... one interface corresponds to one capability

   (discussion on how to use JSON)

   discussion on data type

   machao: should be specified within the TD rather than the

   johannes: what is your approach on semantic description for

   machao: our TD includes how to describe interaction model
   ... good to have translation between our TD and your TD

   johannes: how to handle "capability"?

   machao: could map capability fields with each other
   ... how to describe events would be a question

   matthias: where the event comes from is the key
   ... don't know how you model the interaction
   ... how can you model interactions?

   machao: who should invoke the event when?

   matthias: draws a diagram of two typical patterns on the
   ... the backend has the harbor
   ... someone has to initiate the interaction
   ... one possibility is the Thing's initiating the interaction

   peiyun: we have an application to initiate the interaction

   johannes: using some action?

   zice: draws another diagram on their model

   machao: 4 messages for interaction
   ... 1. request from Harbor, 2. respond from Thing

   matthias: we describe only the Thing side
   ... we have to know which event from our side corresponds to
   which message on your side

   johannes: what is the Thing Description for the Harbor?

   machao: is there an idea of interaction in your mechanism?

   johannes: we see strong separation between Harbor and Thing in
   your model
   ... W3C WoT is more looking at the Thing side
   ... it would be great to see how our models could be fit with
   each other

   machao: events are separately defined from Thing Description in
   our model
   ... the biggest difference between CETC's TD and W3C's TD is
   the structure
   ... totally agree we should have how to handle the Harbor in
   the WoT context

   johannes: would see if there is any remaining question

   naka: do you consider supporting legacy devices?
   ... existing standards

   machao: we have a gateway layer for that purpose
   ... each event has corresponding api

   matthias: W3C TD has property, action and event
   ... the Thing tells what the value is now

   johannes: we have identified interesting points
   ... we can have a follow-up discussion based on some concrete
   and simple use case
   ... and compare our approaches with each other in more concrete
   ... tx!

   taki: we have WoT Architecture document which includes several
   use cases

   WoT Architecture document

     [15] http://w3c.github.io/wot/architecture/wot-architecture.html

   machao: Joerg will provide some explanation on PlugFest

   joerg: we'll provide short descriptions on PlugFest

W3C PlugFest short pitches

   matsukura: shows his slides
   ... (Overview of our system)
   ... smart home in Kanazawa, Japan
   ... more than 200 devices there
   ... today we'll use two of them
   ... WoT servient in Nagoya
   ... devices are connected to the gateway in Kanazawa
   ... we'll operate the devices from Beijing using the WoT client
   on a smartphone
   ... (Functional structure)
   ... WoT interface is supported on the server
   ... and others are Fujitsu's proprietary interface
   ... (meaning the interface between the server and the home
   gateway at the smart home in Kanazawa)
   ... Fujitsu's interface uses HTTP and XML/SOAP
   ... similar to the WoT interface
   ... (Real Things for this plugfest)
   ... there are two devices: LED ceiling light and window curtain

   johannes: next Nimura-san

   nimura: Scripting API Implementation
   ... key component is the scripting API
   ... (Scripting API Implementation)
   ... we have a PC as the WoT Client including "ConsumedThing"
   ... app script on the PC controls the LED light
   ... (diagram of the system without title)
   ... Fujitsu WoT client - Siemens Servient LED - Panasonic Air
   ... (another diagram without title)
   ... Fujitsu WoT client connects to (1) Siemens Servient of
   Brightness sensor and (2) Fujitsu Servient of Curtain

   johannes: next Naka-san

   naka: Panasonic's demo system configuration
   ... (Plugfest overview - Panasonic's Demo System Configuration)
   ... enlarges the diagram part
   ... WoT client by Siemens in Beijing
   ... communicate with the WoT server using REST API (provisional
   WoT standard API)
   ... the WoT client sends HTTP commands (e.g., PUT/GET) to the
   WoT server
   ... the WoT server sends proprietary commands to the Tunneling
   ... and the Tunneling server sends proprietary commands to the
   Home Gateway at the smart home in Osaka
   ... the Home Gateway controls the LED ceiling light and the air
   conditioner using the ECHONET interface

   johannes: explains the scripting api part
   ... Fujitsu provides a WoT client which includes the Scripting
   API runtime
   ... also legacy adapter
   ... Siemens provides the IOT2000/Thingweb servient and voting
   ... (topics addressed)
   ... Scripting API: 3rd party scripting, Thing factories, Event
   ... Thing description: Type description using JSON schema
   ... Discover
   ... next Sebastian

   sebastian: Plugfest: Dynamic Actions based on Semantic Search
   ... (Scenario Setup)
   ... ESP8266, temp sensor
   ... (Too Hot)
   ... if it's too hot, I'd like to announce that
   ... semantic search using SPARQL
   ... search for action @type="tooHot"
   ... to the TD repo
   ... and the TD repo sends back TD to me
   ... (Too Cold)
   ... search for action @type="tooCold" from me to the TD repo
   ... TD from the repo to me
   ... (Live Demo)
   ... (Take-away)
   ... on demand auto setup and interaction
   ... SPARQL, TD with semantic enrichments, TD repo

   joerg: would wrap up before lunch

   nan: provides summary in Chinese

   joerg: in the afternoon we'll do PlugFest demo in the other
   ... we can start discussion with brief introduction

   [ lunch ]

WoT demo pitches - continued

   darko: presents his slides

   sebastian: questions?


   matthias: presents his slides on "BA Technology Landscape"
   ... (BACnet Thing)
   ... the goal is making it easier to integrate things

   sebastian: Plugfest Scenarios

   sebadtian: scenario 1: hello WoT
   ... WoT TD interpreter for human interaction
   ... setup Servient interaction based on TD
   ... Panasonic air conditioner in Osaka
   ... Scenario 2 - Full WoT
   ... WoT client consumes script
   ... WoT Servient providing script for voting
   ... WoT Servient (temp sensor) searches a voting Servient above
   ... Scenario 3 - Mini Automation
   ... Siemens's bright sensor sends TD (brightness value) to
   Fujitsu's curtain

   matthias: table of tests to run
   ... each line corresponds to the device for our demo

   sebastian: need some more configuration for the actual demo
   ... please come back in 45 mins or so

   [ try some more setting work ]

Scenario 1 - Hello WoT

Findings of the joint meeting with CETC

   joerg: based on the discussion so far, I tried to combine
   opinions from the W3C WoT IG side
   ... (describes his initial proposals)
   ... The next steps also require further discussion on the mode
   of collaboration
   ... add "e.g., find a joint scenario and exchange thing
   descriptions conforming to IoT Open Architecture and WoT as a
   starting point for further discussion"

   matthias: are open implementations of the IoT Open Architecture
   Protocol available to study the protocol mapping of WoT?

   joerg: (adds that question)

   joerg: if there are no more comments, I'd use this as the input
   from us

   (no more comments)

   joerg: tx!
   ... then we'll continue the remaining demos
   ... and invite the remaining people to this PlugFest room

   (Joerg asks people to invite their colleagues to this room.)

   sebastian: we can show all the scenario again
   ... we'll resume in 10 mins

   [ 10-min break ]

Scenario 2 and 3

PlugFest demo with CETC

   sebastian: explains the Scenario 2 - Full WoT
   ... WoT client by Fujitsu, WoT servient by Siemens and air
   conditioner by Panasonic

   nimura: explains Fujitsu's WoT client
   ... which has two buttons, "Too Hot" and "Too Cold"
   ... for voting
   ... pushes "Too Cold" several times

   johannes: explains Siemens's WoT client for voting too
   ... which has two buttons, "TooCold" and "TooHot"

   kaz: asks Johannes for clarification on the graph
   ... the Y-axis is number of voters
   ... the X-axis is timeline

   sebastian: live video of Panasonic's smart home in Osaka
   ... the air conditioner moves based on the command from the WoT
   ... shows the detailed log of his sensor client

   matthias: explains his BACnet client

   nimura: shows the smart home in Kanazawa, Japan
   ... it takes some time to send the command from Beijing to

   frank: motion sensor demo
   ... collaboration among Frank, Matthias and Johannes
   ... motion sensor and fan, BACnet and WoT client UI

   matthias: using HTTP

   joerg: we had a lot of demonstrations here in Beijing
   ... various UIs on smartphones and PCs
   ... also had colleagues from CETC
   ... great input for our f2f meetings tomorrow and Thursday
   ... please join the meeting

   [ PlugFest Day adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

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