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RE: 3. WoT Thing needs to have meta Band

From: Lynn, James (Application Defender / Fortify on Demand) <james.lynn@hpe.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 16:29:49 +0000
To: David Janes <davidjanes@davidjanes.com>, Carsten Bormann <cabo@tzi.org>
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Can you clarify something regarding this example?

A ‘real’ heater typically has a thermostat which can be set to some value. A computer, etc. does not. So they are different ‘types’ of heaters. One proposal seems to be saying it is useful to know that a computer can be used as a heater but not necessary. Another is that ‘things do what they say they do’. Are we proposing that a computer may declare that it is a heater? Or would your approach suggest that some other property lets us know that it generates heat, in which case I’m guessing that the lack of a thermostat property and/or the absence of a setTemperature property allows us to differentiate between ‘real’ heaters and devices that may be used as a heater?

Or perhaps the view is that it really doesn’t matter, it’s outside the spec?

J Lynn

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To: Carsten Bormann
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Subject: Re: 3. WoT Thing needs to have meta Band

So this gets into one of the principals I'd like to promote, that:

  *   things do what they say they do
  *   things are what they say they are
So if you have an old Pentium in the basement that you'd like to heat the room (or the student's computer pool room at Karlsruhe), you can add "iot-facet:climate.heating" to the metadata facets. When some client wants to heat up the room, they introspect the environment, find that there's a device that (says its) a heater and turn it on.


On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 5:08 AM, Carsten Bormann <cabo@tzi.org<mailto:cabo@tzi.org>> wrote:
> "iot-facet:climate.heating",

But maybe I don't need to know that something was sold as a heating?
Switching on the computer may heat my room fine.

Most people who build computers won't think of the fact that it also can
serve as a 200 W heater.  Or TVs, lamps; ...

Knowing the purpose of a thing certainly is useful, but knowing the
actual effect may be more useful.

(But maybe you can make those facets fine-granular enough that they are
useful for searching for a particular effect.)

Grüße, Carsten

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